The works are in order of original composition. Some overlap in their dates. I have put them in order of the basic conception. Almost all the works that do survive are in Sibelius music files and performable scores, with recordings available. A very few lost works exist as recordings.

This list gives all surviving works that I know of.

Titles in blue are links to recordings on YouTube or Soundcloud.


WoO = Works without opus number, some of which exist only as recordings.


SIB = Sibelius score

Works in italics are “withdrawn”, whatever that might mean.


Piano Sonata in G major     WoO1

I Allegro moderato

II Allegro feroce

III Andante

IV Adagio – Allegro


Composition dates: 10/69 – 3/70. Revised 1/96 and 10/97

First performance: Colin Howard, Bedford Modern School lunchtime concert, early 1970

MSS – original version



In memoriam WoO2 

(The recording is from 1970, played by Neil Fellows)

Piano solo


Composition dates: 4/11/70


SIB – slightly revised

Music for Duet (The Syrens) Op. 16b

Fantasie modern WoO3

Piano solo

Composition dates: 11/70

Recording exists of second and third movements of this long lost sonata, written immediately after In Memoriam.

Flute sonata Wo04 – fragmentary recording


Duet WoO5a

Descant recorder; clarinet

Composition date: 1/4/71


Recorder duet 1 WoO5b

Composition date 7/7/71. Very slightly revised in “Recorder Album” 1976

Captain Snipe Voyages Far (ballet) Op.1

Piano solo, also orchestral version (8/99)

Captain Snipe suite for piano

(The recording is played by John Mosley early in 1973)


Composition dates: August 1971

Solveig’s songs for Peer Gynt Op. 2

Unaccompanied voice

Composition date: Early 1971

(Recording is a simple string arrangement.)

First performance: In Bedford Modern School production of the play, October 1971


Also arranged for string quartet 11/12/97


Recorder duet 2 “Kidman and Gallop” WoO6

Composition dates: 21/9/71 rev 1976.

 Piano sonata (originally no. 4) Op. WoO7

(The recording is played by John Mosley, early 1973)




Composition dates: Begun 1971. Scherzo first theme from a sketch for Peer Gynt incidental music, second theme also appears in Recorder Duet 2. This was also used as my contribution to a set of piano pieces sent as a birthday present to Malcolm Arnold in October 1971. He wrote the same day (his 50th) saying how delighted he was and that he had played the set. Other contributors included Paul Andrews, Gary Mudd and Philip Redfern. Parts of the first movement were in existence late 1971. First complete version, using a slow movement theme originally in “Meringue” (1972) early 1973. Revised 1992, using another “Meringue” theme as trio section, and with added development for the slow movement material, and orchestrated in 2017 as op. 34.

Fantasia in F for piano duet op. WoO8

Duration: 6’

Composition dates: 9/71

(The recording is Edgars Perkons and John Mosley early 1973)

 Premonition fragments WoO09

 Music for a film. Recorder, clarinet, viola.

Recording only.

Recorder quartet no.1 and 2 WoO10

2des,2 ten


Scores destroyed. Recordings exists.

Chorale Prelude for large orchestra WoO11

June 1971


Recorder quartets ( recordings exist of 2 quartets of early 1972) WoO12a and b

Two pieces for DGB’s birthday  Wo13

Recorder duet no. 3 WoO14

Composition date: 3/72

This includes some tunes also used in “Meringue”

Meringue Op. 3

fl,ob,electric organ, vibe, vln, vc


Composition dates: Original sketches January 1972. Revised piano arr. 9/93. Arranged 11/97, including Bedfordshire Dance from early 1972

Notes: Originally a set of short pieces using mainly older sketches. Recorded 2/72 (and existing) as material for a projected film, as Orpheus Lament op. 31 (now Op. 3b) using a poem by AJB recited by Ian Wylie. “Meringue song” was also used in a lost “Overture for Octet” which was performed in Bedford Modern School music options class. One movement is a Bedfordshire Dance, from the same mss notebook. The dance is used virtually as written, and the rest of the work is arranged for the same instrumentation.

Piano sonata (originally no. 5) “Totentanz” WoO15

(The recording played by John Mosley, early 1973)





Composition dates: Completed 12/6/72. The official version includes some small corrections (1992 and 1997) but is basically the work as composed in 1972. See Sonata for Strings Op. 33.


Symphony no. 1 in E minor op. 4 NP

Symphony no. 1 NP and GPO

Full orchestra





Composition dates: late 1972 – early 1973. The 1972 version was in four movements, for piano duet. The final version drastically reduces the slow movement and has a mostly new finale. The orchestration is mostly as 1973, slightly improved in 1997 or so, with a few improvements and clarifications.

Here is a recording of the original piano duet version played by John Mosley and Edgars Perkons early in 1973

Duet 4 WoO16

Date of composition: Early 1973, and contemporary with Piano sonata no. 4, which shares a three note motto theme B flat E B natural. (BEH in German notation)

Early piano sonata (no. 6) WoO17

(The recording is played by John Mosley, early 1973)





Composition dates: 25/2/1973 revised  8/96

Early piano sonata (no. 7) WoO18

One movement

1973 recording by John Moseley

2020 playback


Composition dates: 4/ 73. Slightly revised 8/96. The original first movement (which exists on a recording) was removed.

Edna the inebriate tea lady WoO19

Piano duet


Composition dates: Probably 4/73. Exists only as recording. Was also used in lost Sonata for piano duet. The recording is of Edgars Perkons and John Mosley early 1973.


 Piano sonata (no. 8) WoO20




Composition dates: Summer 1974

Withdrawn and destroyed, but exists as an experimental recording from electric piano.


Scherzo for quintet WoO20.5

For flute, oboe, bassoon, cello, glockenspiel/piano


Recorder Duet 6 WoO21


Recorder Duet  (7) Op. 5

Composition dates: October 1976

Various performances by John Dunn and others/

Published by Comus

Arrangements of theme from first movement, scherzo and a variation for the film “The Syrens” 2017 Op. 5a

Symphony no. 2 in A minor Op. 6

Fl, ob, cl,bsn, trpt, piano, perc, strings







Composition dates: First version 1976. Revised 1990-2. Completed 1994. Slight revision 2001

The first version was composed very quickly as a replacement for a 1970 Symphony, which included a scherzo section also used in “In Memoriam”. The first four movements were extended and improved in 1992 using, in the third movement, a tune from a lost song from 1976 and, in IV, a section of a 1976 recorder duet. The original finale was mostly slow and replaced by new material in 1990 and 1992. The final section uses part of the original tune from 1976.


Sonata for horn op. 7

For Ann Barnard

(Unaccompanied or version with piano, 2014)

Romance for horn and piano WoO22

Romance WoO23


2’Composition dates: June(?) 1977. Revised 1992 (?)

Notes: All that remains of a suite “Celebrations”


Suite extraordinaire WoO24


1 Bergomask

4 On the cliff

2 Waltz

3 Rhubarb and custard

5  Sailing back

Composition dates: 1977 to early 1978.

Notes: Mostly written in a bedsit in Teddington, on a very poor electric piano which I had bought from a junk shop nearby. This was the only access to a keyboard I had between 1972 and 1990.  The central section of the blues (Rhubarb and custard) was used in the 1991 revision of Symphony no. 3.

Serenade for small orchestra Op. 8






Duration: 22’

Composition dates: 12/78

First performance: Amphion Ensemble conducted by Thomas Groger, Carlton Village Hall, Beds, 19/4/79

Notes: Most of the ideas of the first three movements were sketched in the summer, partly at Jevington, Sussex, for a projected symphony. The work was completed in full score in two weekends, with no revisions, and is thus the earliest work to survive untouched. It was requested by Patrick Crozier, organiser of the orchestra, on Bedford Station. For some reason he knew I was a composer. After writing very little for years it became my first public performance. A recording exists of the performance, which was very well played. (Orchestra led by Esther Cavett, later Esther Cavett-Dunsby)




Piano sonata no. 1 Op. 9

I Pastorale

II Folly

III Dayspring with Angels

Duration: 20’

Composition dates: completed 16/7/79

Notes: This seems to me to be a breath of fresh air, and the first work which I feel is in my own style. The third movement was influenced by reading Thomas Traherne, whom I had recently discovered. It was written for Patrick Crozier’s wife, who apparently played it but I did not see the score again for 10 years.



Symphony no. 3 in G major Op. 10


I Allegro

II Andante

III Vivace

Duration: 20’

Composition dates: first movement 16/9/79; 2nd and 3rd early 1979; put together 1991

Notes: The second and third movements were part of a Chamber Symphony, written for the Amphion Ensemble, as a follow up to the Serenade. The orchestra folded. I also composed a sadly lost Trombone Concerto for them, and the first BBC Young Musician of the Year. The first movement was replaced, in 1991, by a separate first movement written later in 1979, and a coda added to bring back the first movement main theme. The second movement middle section was replaced with part of “Rhubarb and custard” from “Suite extraordinaire” of 1978, which has an almost identical theme to the first subject of the first movement. The first movement theme was added in to the otherwise unchanged finale allegro and a new section added bringing back the first movement theme as a waltz. The last few pages, apart from added fragments of the main theme,is from the 1979 Chamber Symphony. Originally there was a sinister chorale section between the jovial allegro and the coda.




Symphony no. 4  “Primavera” Op. 11

Symphony no. 4 NP and GPO

Full orchestra

One movement


Composition dates: Main allegro 1980; scherzo and finale 1991; revised 1994

Notes: The first 12 minutes were composed in 1980, to the end of the insanely complicated development. Like the serenade it was written entirely using exotic scales, with some related 12 tone sections. The remaining parts were written in 1990 and 1992 using themes sketched during 1980, using a player piano temporarily on loan to Putney Library from Rex Lawson.

The 1992 version was as a piano duet work “Orpheus Sonata” which was substantially the same as the final version, but the development section was replaced by a new section, purely diatonic. The final version reverted to the original score and the 1992 development  now survives as Bacchanale op. 24 (1992).

The closing section and the slow section at about 12 minutes in were written for an earlier attempt at completion in 1990.


Fantasy for piano duet Op. 12

Piano duet

Duration: 10’

Composition dates: 1981

5 Bagatelles for small orchestra Op. 13


I Passepied

II Landscape

III Burlesco

IV Pastoral

V Concertante

Duration: 18’

Composition dates: Summer 1981

First performance: Staffordshire Sinfonia 11/1990

Duet 8 WoO25

2tr. recorders

Composition dates: Christmas 1981


Piano sonata no. 2 Op. 14


One movement

Duration: 20’

Composition dates: completed 23/5/84. There is also a ms. orchestration as Sinfonia Notturna (somehwere).


Recorder quintet Op. 15

Descant, 2 trebles, 2 tenors




Duration: 15’

Composition dates: completed 23/4/98

First performance: Laetabundus; St Chad’s Church, Stafford 1992

Publication: Comus


Symphony no. 5  Op. 16 NP

Symphony no. 5 NP and GPO


2222 – 2200- timp, perc (1), strings

One movement

Duration: 16 minutes

Composition dates: completed 15/ 2/ 87.

This was composed and orchestrated in 1987.

A hymn for the nativity Op. 17


Words: Christopher Smart


Composition dates: 20/9/87

First performance: Cantemus, Shugborough Hall, 12/87

Publication: Comus

Symphony no. 6  in G Minor Op. 18 NP

Symphony no. 6 NP GPO

I Allegro

II Scherzo

III Adagio – Allegro molto –Adagio


Composition dates: Begun early 87 (scherzo 9/87). Recomposed 1995 with new exposition of first movement, but keeping development section and new first section of third movement. Much of the orchestration is c1988.

First performance of Scherzo: Staffordshire Centenary Concert, 1989, conducted by Stuart Johnson.

Symphony no. 7 Op. 19

fl, ob, ca, bsn, 2tr, timp, perc, hpsch, strings

I Allegro – attacca

II Andante

III Interlude – Allegretto

III Allegro


Composition dates: 11/87.

First performance: St Mary’s Church, 18/7/88 ( as Symphony no. 9). III added 5/88. Edited 1997 and 2001, with slight additions to I and IV.



Brass quintet Op. 20

2tr, hn, trb, tba

I Allegro

II Adagio

III Vivace


Composition dates: May to 26/7/88


Symphony no. 8  Op. 21 NP

Symphony no. 8 NP and GPO

2222- 2000 – strings

One movement


Composition dates: Summer 1988- March 1989; New introduction 1997. Slightly revised 2014.

First performance (original version as Symphony no. 11): Staffordshire Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Frank Wadkin, 1989

A vision on the hill Op. 22

SATB, organ

Words: Apocryphal Acts of St John (tr. M R James)


Composition dates: 1989

First performance: Cantemus, Blackburn Cathedral 1989

Publication: Comus

Simple songs from Amherst (withdrawn) WoO26

Soprano, piano.

Words by Emily Dickinson

Completed 23/7/89


Notes: Quite good in theory, but needs extensive rewriting


Gloria Op. 23


SATB, organ

5 movements


Composition dates: 1990. Commissioned by Eccleshall Singers

First performance: Eccleshall Singers, conducted by Henry Pinion-Jones; Trinity Church, Eccleshall, 1990

Publication: Comus

A fancy for the countess Op. 24

Soprano, treble recorder, hpschd.


Composition dates: 1990

First performance: Ruth Walland, John Dunn, Durham University, 1990

Publication: Comus. Also performed at Durham by Amy Vail 1991

When I learned to fly Op. 25

Recorder ensemble

Dedicated to artist Sara Wicks, from whose painting the title comes


Composition dates: 1990.Commissioned by the Society of Recorder players

First performance: autumn 1990

Published: Comus

Arranged for full orchestra 1997

Symphony no. 9 Op. 26

Full orchestra





18 minutes

Composition dates: Full score 2/7/90 (from 1987 sketches)


Symphony no. 10 in A major Op. 27 NP

Symphony no. 10 NP GPO

Full orchestra

I Moderato

II Hans Rott Goes by Train – Allegro

III Allegro non troppo

45 minutes

Composition dates: 1990/1; orchestrated 1994. The scherzo is built on a page of a sketch by Hans Rott, and the whole symphony is extrapolated from this fragment.

The dong with the luminous nose Op. 28

SATB, Piano

Words by Edward Lear


Composition dates: 1991

First performance: Cantemus, Stafford Gatehouse, 1991

Fantasia in Arcadia WoO27

For electric keyboard. Arranged for chamber ensemble (fl, hn, vibe, harp, hpschd, piano, strings)

30 minutes

Composition dates: completed 25/6/91

Bacchanale Op. 29

Piano duet

5 minutes

Composition dates: July-August 1991.

Recorder sonata Op. 30

Flute or recorder, piano





Composition dates: completed 25/9/91

First performance: unknown

Publication: Comus

Invocations Op. 31

SATB, piano

Words: Andrew Baker






Composition dates: 1991. Commissioned by Stone Choral Society. Not performed.

Publication: Comus


Summer’s gramophone Op. 32


I Overture

II Dance

III Apres Midi

IV Tango

V Chaconne


Composition dates: completed 7/2/92


Sonata for Strings Op. 33




30 minutes

Recomposed mid 1992 from 1972 piano sonata no. 5 Orchestrated for string orchestra  c1996

An orchestral rendition of the old 4th piano sonata Op. 34



30 mins

Composition dates: Recomposed mid 1992 from 1972 Piano sonata no. 4 and orchestrated March 2017

Symphony no. 11 “Sinfonia da Venezia” Op. 35

2222/2000/vb, no, timp, strings

I Allegro

II The Lugubrious Vaporetto  – Moderato

III Adagio – Vivace

30 minutes

Composition dates: completed 26/9/92


Symphony no. 12 “Strange Season” Op. 36 NP

Symphony No 12 NP GPO


One movement


Composition dates: Summer 1991, fast section early 1993, put together 9/94

Piano sonata no. 3 Op. 37





Composition dates: 6-8/93

WoO appendix Two organ pieces 

I March

II Meditation

Composition dates: Early 1994

First performance: Ben Woodward, St Chad’s Church, Stafford, 19/9/98.

The recording is Ben Woodward at St Chad’s, Stafford

Capriccio Op. 38

Solo piano


Composition dates: 17-21/10/93

Composed at Portmeirion.


Variations Op. 39


Duration: 10’

Composition dates: April 1994

Symphony no. 13 Op. 40 NP

Symphony no.13 NP and GPO

2222/2200/timp, piano, perc, 3 voices (SSA) or synthesiser, strings

I Moderato

II Allegro

III Andante

IV Allegro con moto


Composition dates: Begun 12/92. III sketch 1993. Finale 2-3/94. I 5-6/94. Completed 9/94. Most of this was orchestrated on paper.


Concerto for 5 Op. 41 NP

Concerto for 5 NP GPO

Fl, ob, cl, hn, bsn soli; 0000/4001/perc, strings


One movement


Composition dates: 3/4/95 – 13/4/95

This is the first original work composed on Sibelius software.

Trio sonata Op. 42

2 treble recorders; hpschd, vc


Composition dates: 18/4/95 – 24/4/95

Publication: Hawthorns

A festival overture Op. 43

Full orchestra


Composition dates: completed 27/6/95

Apple island Op. 44

Oboe, piano


Composition dates: 30/7/95 – 6/8/95

Symphony no. 14 Op. 45

Note Performer playback 2021

GPO playback

Symphony no. 14 NP and GPO


Full orchestra





Composition dates: 1/9/95- 26/11/95

This is the first symphony composed directly on Sibelius sofrware.

These children Op. 46


Words by Reg Browning


Composition dates: 23/9/95

First performance: St Mary’s Singers, St Mary’s Church, Stafford 12/95


Symphony no. 15 Op. 47

Note Performer playback 2021

GPO playback






Composition dates: 4/96

Piano sonata no. 4 Op. 48

One movement


Composition dates: 16/8/96 – 20/8/96

Monks, mss and microfiche Op. 49

Commissioned by Staffordshire Archives Service for uncompleted video

10 minutes

Electronic recording from Sibelius via Proteus FX

Fanfare Op. 50i

For “Wyrd Sisters” (Terry Pratchett)

Originally a recording from Sibelius via Roland FX. The recording here is an extended version for full orchestra.

First performance:  Stafford gatehouse; 10/96

Fanfare no. 2 Op. 50ii

For Holmcroft library

Winter sketches Op. 51 (GPO playback)

2023 Noteperformer playback

2222/2200/timp, piano, strings:





Composition dates: Completed 31/12/96


Sonatina for recorder and harpsichord Op. 52


Composition dates:Begun 7/96. Main work 4/1/97 – 8/1/97

Published by Hawthorns Music

Symphony no. 16 Op. 53

2021 NotePerformer playback

GPO Playback

Symphony no. 16 NP and GPO

Full orchestra






Composition dates: 27/1/97 – 3/97


String quartet no. 1 Op. 54






Composition dates: 24/1/98 – 28/2/98

Piano sonata no. 5 Op. 55

Piano solo





Composition dates: 28/4/98 – 14/5/98

Barlaston theme Op. 56

full orchestra

1’ 14’’

Composition dates: 6-7/6/98

Sonata da camera Op. 57

Descant, treble, tenor recorders; hpschd; vln, vc.






Composition dates: 14/6/98 – 23/8/98

An autumnal overture Op. 58 NP

An autumnal overture NP and GPO



Composition dates: Begun 8/98, completed 18/10/98

There is no rose Op. 59


Words: Medieval carol


Composition dates: 13/10/98 revised 2017

Symphony no. 17 “Song for Terezin” Op. 60 NP

Symphony no. 17 NP amd GPO

Full orchestra

One movement


Composition dates: 30/9/98 – 19/11/98


Travellers Op. 61

Finale of Travellers – first peformance

SATB; vln; vc; organ

Words by Peter Harris


Composition dates: 3/99 to 28/4/99

First performance: St Mary’s Church, Stafford; March 2000; Cantemus, conducted by Eric Bennett

An amble Op. 62



Composition dates: completed 11/7/99

First performance: St. Michael’s church, Colwich, 19/3/00

for the wedding of Barbara and Carl Mantell, March 2000

A trio for St Francis Op. 63


vln, vc, pno

I At the Porziuncola

II Danza

III Canzona

IV The road to La Verna

completed 25/7/99

String quartet no. 2 Op. 64


one movement

completed 12/9/99

Fantasy no. 1 for String Quartet Kidman and Gallop” Op. 65i


Composition dates: From Recorder Duet 2  1971, revised 1976. Arranged string quartet 1999

Fantasy no. 2 for string quartet “Hallowe’en” Op. 65ii


Composition dates: From recorder Duet 6 1975/6. Arranged string quartet 1999

Symphony no. 18 Op 66

2021 NotePerformer playback

GPO Playback


I Adagio – Allegro

II Allegro molto

III Adagio

(piano, celesta, timpani, strings)

completed 18/12/99


Spring dance Op. 67

Live Performance at the Royal Festival Hall

Commissioned by Geetha Sridhar


Electronic recording from Sibelius via Proteus FX

Fp: “Mahotsav”; Stafford Gatehouse; 24/3/00; Geetha Sridhar, Sukanya Ramesh (Bharatanatyam dancers)

Morning song (for projected Canticle of the Sun dance work) op. 68


March 2000

Twelfth night Op. 69

Commissioned by Stafford Borough Council for Stafford Festival Shakespeare production


Completed 26/6

Multiple performances July 2000

A song of pilgrimage (Symphony no. 19) Op. 70

Commissioned by Stafford Asian Arts Fund


Texts from various sources

(fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn, timpani, piano, electric keyboard, soprano, alto, kathak dancer, 2vlns, vla, vc, db)

Fp: Stafford Gatehouse; 3/2/01; Festival Orchestra; conducted by Nigel  Taylor; Valerie Martin (soprano); Chris Bown (alto); Anurekha Ghosh (Kathak dancer). Here is an extract from the rehearsal.


Alone Op. 71

Dance work for Geetha Sridhar


Electronic recording from Sibelius via Roland JV1010

Completed 16/9/00

Garden theme Op. 72

For Katharine House Hospice


Electronic recording from Sibelius via Roland JV1010

Completed 11/9/00

Symphony no. 20 (for strings) Op. 73

Commissioned by Janet Hyde to celebrate Ray Hyde’s 50th birthday

I: Allegro con brio

II: Adagio

III: Allegro energico

25 minutes

Completed 20/11/00


Dancing on enchanted ground Op. 74

6 dances, with introductory verses

1 House Beautiful

2  Spring

3 Summer

4 City

5 Autumn

6 Winter


Electronic recording from Sibelius via Roland JV1010

Completed 4/3/01

Shoe dance op. 75

Dance project for Geetha Sridhar, commissioned by Stafford Borough Council.


March 2001

Electronic recording from Sibelius via Roland JV1010

5 Joyful mysteries Op. 76

(ob (alto voice), hpschd, vln, vc)

I: Annunciation

10 minutes

Completed: 8/5/01

II: Visitation

10 minutes

Completed: 26/4/01

III: Nativity

9 minutes

Completed: 2/4/01

IV: Presentation

10 minutes

Begun 2/01 completed 3/6/1

V: Finding in the temple

8 minutes

Begun  1/7/01 completed 10/7/01

Two movements performed 2001

Winter gardens Op. 77 – for treble recorder (or oboe) and harpsichord (or piano)

9 minutes

Composition dates: 2/12/01 – 5/12/01

Published by Hawthorns music


Sonata for viola and piano Op. 78

15 minutes

I Allegro non troppo

II Adagio

III Allegro

Composition dates:     26/1/02 – 11/2/02      

Sorrowful mysteries Op. 79

(ob, hpschd, vln, vc)

I: Gethsemane

10 minutes

Completed: 2/02

IV: The Carrying of the cross

8 minutes

Completed 25/03/02


46 minutes

Conversations with the River Op. 80

Six pieces on the River Sow

1 Broughton over Fairoak

2 Walk mill

3 Cop Mere

4 Chebsey

5 Stafford

6 Shugborough

String quartet version 29/10/02

Digital orchestra version 21/2/03

The orchestral version was intended purely as a playback version – as an experiment in digital sound from a Roland sound module.


 Five glorious mysteries Op. 81

1 Resurrection

2 Ascension

3 Pentecost

4 Assumption

5 Coronation

Complete 6/3/03


First performance: Old Hill Consort, St Chad’s Stafford, May 2003

There is also a rather rough “orchestral” version.

The Garden of Memory Op. 82

(rec, vln, cello, hpschd)

9 fantasies

1 Bonfire and compost heap – a strange arrival

2 Arbours and grottos – evening explorations, the alarming housekeeper… or the moon

3 Knot Garden – the poet and philosophers

4 The jewelled mead – Titania and attendants, perhaps

5 Belvedere – Apollo and the nine

6 The mount – soldier and shepherd

7 South facing walls – the Countess herself, and a wanderer

8 The wilderness – a melancholy gentleman

9 The rose garden – following the robin

43 minutes

Completed 10/03


Flute sonata Op. 83

Commissioned by Christina Thomson

I Moderato

II Andante

III Allegro

15 minutes

Completed 15/1/04 and performed several times.


Symphony no. 21 Op. 84 (Note Performer and GPO playback)

Sponsored project in aid of the Ashley Joly SADS Trust.  A CD was sold for the charity using a playback from a Roland device which is rather fuzzy in this compressed copy.

I: Allegro non troppo

II: Scherzo and trio

III: Adagio

IV: Allegro

56 minutes

Completed 15/4/04

Simple requiem mass settings Op. 85

For St Chad’s Church, Stafford

Unison, organ

Fp: All Souls Service, 11/00

I apologise for the fact that this work is not in correct chronological order. It was previously listed as a WoO.

A Franciscan octave Op. 86

8 pieces, digital orchestra, charity CD

45 minutes

Completed 22/07/04

This was intended purely as a digital CD and raised £750 for Franciscan Aid.

Staying still…it overtakes Op. 87

Music for the play by Michael McConville

The play had pre-recorded dances and songs accompanied by piano. The suite as linked above has the songs also arranged for orchestra.

55 minutes

First performed 26/11/04


The Shugborough Sonatas Op. 88

6 sonatas for flute and harpsichord

A digital orchestra  version was also sold as a CD.

Finished 16/05/05

First performed September 2005, Stafford Gatehouse, with digital orchestral version of no. 6 danced by Geetha Sridar

Rehearsal of Thalia Dances 2005


 Timewalk closing music Op. 89

For St Chad’s Church, Stafford, Son et Lumiere production

Finished 18/01/06

English Mysteries Op. 90


Symphony no. 22 Op. 91

2021 NotePerformer playback

GPO playback 200

I Allegro

II Adagio

III Scherzo

IV Finale

c30 minutes

Ist movement April 2006. Completed 20th August 2006.

Music for The Rivals Op. 92


Overture and incidental music

Orchestra (digital playback)

First performed Stafford Gatehouse Theatre 2006


A Traveller to the Watershed Op. 93

12 pieces

Recorder and harpsichord

Digital orchestral version

12 pieces

Begun October 2006, completed January 2007

First performed (selection) September 2007, Adbaston concert society.

Here is an extract, “The Repose at Fairoak.”


The Banquet of Euterpe Op. 94

Six sonatas for recorder and piano/harpsichord

Completed 11/06/2007

Three sonatas performed 2007

String Quartet no. 3 Op. 95

Live recording May 2023

Four movements


First performed by The 4tet, St Mary’s Church, Stafford 02/12/07


The Leaves of the Tree Op. 96

8 pieces for flute, violin, cello and piano (also digital version)

Composed March 2008 to June 2008

Two pieces first performed May 2008

Symphony No. 23 (A Garden Symphony) Op. 97

2021 NotePerformer playback,

2008 GPO playback

Five movements


Written for Wendy Davies, based on her design for a prayer garden.

Completed June 2008

Sinfonia in C Op. 98

(2fl, 2hns, harpsichord, strings)


October 2008

National Anthem Op. 99

String quartet

First performed October 2008


Symphonies of Melancholy and Delight Op. 100 (Nos. 11-16)

Six 20 minute symphonies for flute, piano and string quartet and small orchestra versions

Completed December 2009

No. 1 first performed in its chamber version in St Mary’s Church, Stafford, May 2009

Symphony no. 24 2021 NotePerformer Playback

Symphony no.  24 2009 GPO playback

Symphony no. 25 2021 NotePerformer playback

Symphony no. 25 2009 GPO playback

Symphony no. 26 2021 NotePerformer playback

Symphony no. 26 2009 GPO playback

Symphony no. 27 2021 NotePerformee playback

Symphony no. 27 Op. 100 no.4

Symphony no. 28 2021 NotePerformer playback

Symphony no. 28 2009 GPO playback

Symphony no. 29 2021 NotePerformer playback

Symphony no. 29 2009 GPO playback


A Winter Journey Op. 101

Ten pieces on plainchant for recorder and harpsichord/ digital orchestra versions.

Completed early 2010

5 Miniatures Op. 102

Recorder and harpsichord

Early 2010

September Op. 103

Flute and piano


First performed late 2010.

Episodes from “The Years of Wandering” Op. 104 (GPO playback)

2023 Noteperformer playback

Ten Symphonic Poems

98 minutes

Completed Dec 2010


String Quartet no. 4 Op. 105

Four movements

35 minutes

String Quartet no. 5 op. 106 “Astree”

Four movements


First performed by the Alard Quartet at Shugborough, July 2011

6 Eclogues from “Le Miroir de la Vraie Reconoissance” Op. 107

Recorder. Harpsichord

First performed Alyson Lewin and Paul Weaver, May 2012

Some YouTube links:

First Eclogue

Second Eclogue




Scenes from “The Mysterious Itineraries” Op. 108

12 pieces for flute and piano

August-September 2012


The Fruit of the Tree – 12 preludes for string quartet Op. 109

12 four minute pieces, as preludes to the meditations of Bonaventure’s the “Tree of Life”

May 2012-September 2013

Sketches from “The Final Itinerary” Op. 110 – for harpsichord

Sketches from “The Final Itinerary” Op. 110 – selected orchestral versions

12 pieces for harpsichord/ digital orchestra version

Completed July 26th 2013. (Written in 11 days)

Here are links to YouTube videos of some orchestral arrangements of the Sketches:

Out in the Air

Out in the Air arr. string quartet – live 2023


The Dryad

The Peri’s Dance

Sketch No. 8



 Sonatas for Mr Stillingfleet Op. 111

Sonata 1

Sonata 2

Sonata 3

Sonata 4

Four sonatas for recorder, hpschd, cello

Performed Shugborough May 2014

 A Philosophical Cantata Op. 112

Voice, recorder, hpschd, cello

On poems by Elizabeth Carter.

Pperformed Shugborough May 2014

A Pilgrimage and Disguise Op. 113

A series of music for Youtube videos exploring The Spirit of Place

Begun 30th January 2014


Symphony no. 30 “The Consolation of Music” Op. 114

2021 NotePerformer playback

GPO Playback

Full orchestra. 22 minutes,

June 2014


Symphonies from Inchanted Ground Op. 115

6 videos with music.

1 – Border – November 2014

2 – Vale (Chamber version perf. Sept 2015)

3- Forest

4- Three Places in Oxfordshire

5 – The Ouse Pilgrimage

6 – No. 6

The Theatre of the Muses Op. 116

Dances from Aquarius and Capricorn Jan-Mar 2015

Dances from Pisces (flute and piano) added March 2017


Symphony no. 31 “The Consolations of Wandering” Op. 117

2021 NotePerformer playback

2016 GPO playback

Orchestra c18 minutes

A 90th birthday gift for Eric Bennett.

The Garden of Persephone Op. 118

Piano, violin, cello

First performed Shugborough September 4th 2016. Here is an extract of the rehearsal.

Excursions to Inchanted Ground Op. 119

Images with music

1 – Golgonooza   April 2016

2 – Prospect  June 2016

3 – Falls – Oct 2016

4 – Well – Oct 2016

5 – All Souls’ – Nov 2016

6 – Minster – Nov 2016

The Mystery of Emily Weston Op. 120

Pieces for violin, cello, piano

1 – Prelude

2 – Scherzetto

3 – Canzonetta

4 – Scene du bal

First performed at the Stafford Music Festival, May 2017. Also arranged for digital orchestra.

Mr Walton’s Fancy Op.121

Violin, cello, piano

September 2016

Symphony no. 32 “Thalia” Op. 122 

2021 NotePerformer playback

2016 GPO playback

Full orchestra

20 minutes

November 28th 2016 – December 4th 2016


A Coronal Op. 123

Flute and piano

A prelude and 12 pieces.

Completed March 8th 2017

River Op. 124

A film with music


Filmed and composed between April and late August 2017

From the House on the Border  Op. 125

Sonatas for recorder and harpsichord (with optional cello)

Sonata no. 1

Sonata no. 2

Sonata no. 3

Sonata no. 4

Begun 28th May 2017

Silva Op. 126

A short film with music


Completed 29th June 2017. First public showing, Stafford Gatehouse 24/4/18


Fancies for the Invisible College Op. 127

Flute and piano or orchestral versions.

Begun 29th December 2017.

1 – The snow obscures the footsteps of Nature…

2 – The Countess invites us into the Orangery…

3 – The dancers at sunset…

4 – Dr. Pordage is visited by the Virgin Sophia…

5 – Our Mercury…

6 – The Mystic Sister is gathering flowers…

7 – This is the day, this is the day, this, this...

8 – From the House of Faire Aspect…

9 – The Star Game (after Novalis)…

10 – An emblem of St. Catherine…

11 – Pursuing the Golden Apple…

12 – …”Myosotis”…

December 2017 – January 2018

A Fruit for Each Moon Op. 128

Twelve short films

Fruit 1 (February 2018)

Fruit 2 (March 2018)

Fruit 3 (April 2018)

Fruit 4 (May 2019)

Fruit 5 (June 2018)

Fruit 6 (July 2018)

Fruit 7 (August 2018)

Fruit 8 (September 2018)

Fruit 9 (October 2018)

Fruit 10 (November 2018)

Fruit 11 (December 2018)

Fruit 12 (January 2019)

More Excursions Op. 129

1 – Stones

2 – Cathedral

3 – Ruins

Symphony no. 33 “The English Mystery” Op. 130

2021 NotePerformer playback

GPO playback

For full orchestra and narrator.

32 minutes

Completed August 26th 2018

A Francis Play Op. 131

Music and narration for a mystery play by Carolle Doyle

16-17 minutes

Completed October 18th 2018

A Reflection and an Enigma Op. 132

2 Fantasies for flute or violin and piano

2 October 2018

Meditations on Bonaventure’s Tree of Life Op. 133

Narrator and digital orchestra

Nos. 1-6

Nos. 7-12

November 2018 – March 2019


Etude for Piano Op. 134

30th April 2019

Pearl – a film Op. 135

August 2019

The Other Music Op. 136

Music for a film. September 2019

String Quartet No. 6 Op. 137

October 2019


12 Fantasies for String Quartet Op. 138

January-February 2020

No. 11 (To the Shore) live 2023

Franciscan Spring Op. 139

A film, with pictures by members of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis

March-April 2020

The Garden of Philosophy Op. 140

March-May 2020

A film exploring the modes and gardens.

Four sonatas apropos of the Garden of Philosophy:

Op. 140 No. 1 Euterpe Sonata, flute and piano

Op. 140 No. 1 Euterpe Sonata, orchestral version

Op. 140 No. 2 Orlando Sonata, violin, cello, piano

Op. 140 No. 2 Orlando Sonata, orchestral version

Op. 140 No 3 Sonata Sacra, flute and piano

Op. 140 No. 3 Sonata Sacra, orchestral version

Op. 14o No. 4 Orpheus Sonata, oboe, cello, harpsichord

Op. 140 No. 4 Orpheus Sonata, orchestra version


Regina Mundi Op. 141

Four orchestral pieces.

Composed October-Novembder 2020

Symphony no. 34 Op. 142

Four movements

Composed October 2020 as a test for NotePerformer sound software..

The Birds of Rhiannon Op. 143

A romantic poem for orchestra

November 2020


A Nocturne and a Diversion Op. 144

Nocturne (string quartet  and orchestra version)

Diversion (Piano trio and orchestra version)

March 2021

Symphony no. 35 Op. 145

Full orchestra

I Adagio

II Allegro

III Adagio

IV Allegro

V Adagio – Moderato

March 2021

There is also a piano trio arrangement for domestic use.

River tune – a rejected tune for Symphony no. 22 (too romantic)

Symphony no. 36 Op. 146

I Adagio

II Alegro

III Adagio

IV Allegro

There is a version for piano trio for domestic use.

June 2021

Thalia’s Vale Op. 147

Fancies for violin and keyboard



July 2021

For Saint Cecilia Op. 148

For string quartet

July/September 2021

Clavis op. 149

For String Quartet

6 minutes




String Quartet no. 7 op. 150

Live performance May 2003

Four movements

22 minutes

January 2022

Violin Sonata Op. 151

January -February 2022

The Vision of Floyer Sydenham Op. 152

Music for a film talk

July 2022

Quattro Capriccii Op. 153 NP

For string quartet

Live recording 23102022

Completed August 2022

Piano Sonata no. 6 Op. 154

Three movements

Completed September 2022

The Gate of Heaven Op. 155

15 fantasies for string quartet

Completed January 2023

Piano Sonata no. 7 Op. 156

This sonata was composed fifty years earlier, in 1973, here restored as Sonata no. 7 as it originally was.

Piano Sonata no. 8 Op. 157

April 2023

I – Intrada

II – Offerings

III – Hymn

Sonata for Two Violins Op. 158

May 2023

String Quartet no. 8 Op. 159

I – Prelude

II – Dances

III – Fantasy