Forgotten English Platonists of the 18th Century

These are studies of a small group of people who worked in their various ways to bring a ray of Platonic enlightenment to 18th century England.

Floyer Sydenham and James Harris

Floyer Sydenham and James Harris

Notes for a detailed account, including previously unpublished biographical information about Sydenham from letters from mutual friends to Harris, and an account of Sydenham’s epic poem “Truth”.

Conversations in Arcadia – recording 

Audio recording with illustrations of my talk to the Temenos Academy 10th February 2020

The Meaning Of Music In 18th Century England

An 18th Century Platonic Philosophy of Music through the voices of James Harris, Floyer Sydenham and George Friderick Handel.

Conversations in Arcadia

The text of a talk to the Temenos Academy 10th February 2020.

Truth – A Resume

A summary of Floyer Sydenham’s epic poem on the Platonic Philosophy.

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter and Thomas Wright

Carter’s relationship with cosmologist and architect Thomas Wright

Elizabeth Carter, Epictetus and Plato

The influence of Plato on Carter’s own work and the background to her translation of Epictetus.

Thomas Anson

Thomas Anson of Shugborough and the Greek Revival

A book length study of Thomas Anson, his life and travels and his influence on the Greek Revival – much of it otherwise unpublished material. This includes material about his friend Benjamin Stillingfleet.

The Shepherds Monument – a video talk

Shugborough and the Earthly Paradise – a video talk