All my research on Shugborough is available here.

Thomas Anson of Shugborough

This is the final, fully edited and updated version (13th October 2019) of my book about Thomas Anson of Shugborough and the background of ideas behind the 18thc Greek Revival. My thanks to Roma Harding for painstaking editing and contributing a great deal of additional information. I hope to produce some printed copies for distribution before long.

The philosophy behind the 18th Greek Revival is explored here.

Here are four video talks about Shugborough and related themes.

The Shepherds’ Monument 

A Druid in Arcadia

Thomas Wright of Durham and the City of the Sun

Shugborough and the Earthly Paradise

There are also two more extended chapters –

Elizabeth Carter and Thomas Wright

Carter, Epictetus and Plato

Everything there is to know about Thomas Anson’s friend, the composer Anton Kammell, can be found here.