The Ravello Dialogues is a series of conversations and scenes which I began in Amalfi in 2006. The last section was written ten years later, in 2016. These literary fancies explore the same ideas are examined in more detail in Heard Music…Hidden Music.

The various characters who appear go back very much further. “The Countess” has her origins in my school days.

Here are links to the various section:

Ravello Dialogue 1

Ravello Dialogue 2

Ravello Dialogue 3

Ravello Dialogue 4

Ravello Dialogue 5

Ravello Dialogue 6

Ravello Dilaogue 7

Ravello Dialogue 8

Ravello Dialogue 9

Ravello Dialogue 10

The Consolations of Music

The Dance in the World

A Musical Wanderer

“From the House on the Border” is a musical epilogue of “The Ravello Dialogues” in the form of six sonatas for recorder and harpsichord, with optional cello, Op. 125 (2017).