Anthony Kammell, as he called himself in England, (originally Antonin Kammel), was active as a composer in England between 1765 and 1784. He was one of the close circle of friends of Thomas Anson of Shugborough and a colleague of Johann Christian Bach. This study looks at his career and his world, and asks what became of his family.

Anton Kammell – a Bohemian Composer in 18thc England

A biography of Kammell. For separate chapters with illustration see below.

Antonin Kammell Thematic Catalogue

A listing of all known works.

An arrangement of Kammell’s Duet Op. 5 No. 1, dedicated to Thomas Anson.

Kammell’s Duet Op. 5 No. 5, arranged for orchestra

Kammell’s early Symphony in G 

Andante Alla Francese from Symphony in G with added wind.

Minuet from Kammell’s Sonata Op. 9 No. 1, at Shugborough.

Kammell Symphony Op. 10 No. 1 – digital playback

Kammell Symphony Op. 10 No. 2 – digital playback

Kammell Sonata Op. 8 No. 1

Anton Kammell – A Bohemian Composer in 18thc England – individual chapters, with illustration.


1730 – 1765 Bohemia and Italy

1765 The Count’s Contacts

1765 Arrival

1766 Friends in Kent

1767 Edenbourg in Irland

1768 Marriage

1768 For the Benefit of Anton Kammell

1769 The Musical Seasons

1770 – 1772 The King of Performers!

1773 – 1775 Unfortunate Investments

1776 – 1783 Uncertain Years

1784 A Return to Kent

1785 – The Composer’s Family