Antonin Kammell – a Bohemian Composer in 18th Century England

A study of the composer and his friends, including Thomas Anson of Shugborough.

Thomas Anson of Shugborough

A detailed study of Thomas Anson, his travels and his role as a patron of The Greek Revival – updated July 2020.

Conversations in Arcadia

Studies of the forgotten Platonists of 18th Century England, James Harris, Floyer Sydenham and Elizabeth Carter, including the text of a talk to the Temenos Academy 10th February 2020.

Floyer Sydenham

Life and ideas of the 18th century Platonist.

Mignon Harman – Requiem for Mignon

An investigation into the life and death of Mignon Harman, who claimed, to Sir Kenneth Clark, to be the daughter of Sir Edward Elgar.

The Ravello Dialogues and Other Documents 09112022

This is a series of fanciful dialogues, stories and  essays exploring my purely personal philosophy of music, with a selection of old poems as an appendix.

Invisible Pilgrims – Franciscan survivals in posr-Reformation England

Lord Berners

A personal view of the composer, artist and novelist.

The Stations of Creation  – A Franciscan version

A set of meditations for use by retreats etc.