Antonin Kammell – a Bohemian Composer in 18th Century England

A study of the composer and his friends, including Thomas Anson of Shugborough.

Thomas Anson of Shugborough

A detailed study of Thomas Anson, his travels and his role as a patron of The Greek Revival – updated July 2020.

Conversations in Arcadia

Studies of the forgotten Platonists of 18th Century England, James Harris, Floyer Sydenham and Elizabeth Carter, including the text of a talk to the Temenos Academy 10th February 2020.

Floyer Sydenham

Life and ideas of the 18th century Platonist.

Mignon Harman – Requiem for Mignon

An investigation into the life and death of Mignon Harman, who claimed, to Sir Kenneth Clark, to be the daughter of Sir Edward Elgar.

The Ravello Dialogues – and other documents (rev. January 2022)

This is a series of fanciful dialogues, stories and  essays exploring my purely personal philosophy of music, with a selection of old poems as an appendix.

Hidden Music

A personal outline of the ideas which lie behind my music and film projects and The Ravello Dialogues – a brief account of a musical Christian-Platonism, especially from Franciscan tradition and the English Platonists,  and a look at musical philosophy in the 18th Century through the eyes of James Harris, Floyer Sydenham and George Friderick Handel.

Lord Berners

A personal view of the composer, artist and novelist.

The Stations of Creation  – A Franciscan version

A set of meditations for use by retreats etc.