Out in the Air

An overture to an imaginary 1928 musical, arranged from one of the Sketches “From the Final Itinerary” Op. 110

The Dryad

From an imaginary 1930s ballet – also from one of the Op. 110 keyboard pieces.

When I learned to fly Op. 25 (1991)

This was originally written for recorder consort and orchestrated in 1995. It was inspired by painting by Sandwich based artist Sarah Wicks.

Episodes from “The Years of Wandering” Op. 104 (2010)

This is my largest work. The ten movements are, in effect, symphonic poems, as if describing the events of an early nineteenth century novel, with specific references to Jean-Paul’s “Titan”. There are strange operatic adventures in Venice, odd encounters in gardens, forests, escapadoes with gypsies.

A Franciscan Octave Op. 86 (2004)

This was intended for digital playback – using a Roland sound module. It was published as a CD to sell to raise money for Franciscan Aid, which it did very successfully,

A Winter Journey Op. 101 (2011)

Short pieces based on plainchant.