Over the last twelve years I have composed music to be performed at Shugborough Hall (in 2005 I was Composer in Residence there) and I have been researching and reviving the music of Anton Kammell, who was a close friend of Thomas Anson and ran a lavish series of concerts at Anson’s London house, 15 St James Square.

Rehearsing my “The Garden of Persephone” Op. 118 at Shugborough, 2016.

An introduction to “The Garden of Persephone.”

The Shugborough Sonatas Op. 88 (2005)

These were originally composed for flute and harpsichord. The sixth was performed as a dance work with Geetha Sridhar, and part of the performance is featured in this video.

String Quartet no. 5 “Astree” Op. 106 (2012)

This was performed as part of a London 2012 event celebrating the influence of Ancient Greece.

Rehearsing a Trio by Anton Kammell at Shugborough in 2016.

Anton Kammell: Symphony op. 10 no. 1

Anton Kammell: Symphony op. 10 no 2