Here is a short video about harmony.

The Catalogue of Musical Works has links to many recordings and videos, particularly more recent works

Current and recent projects:

Fantasies for String Quartet Op. 138

These are  intended as stand alone pieces but the set as whole has a story.

Meditations on Bonaventure’s Tree of Life Op. 133

Nos. 1-6

Nos. 7-12

A Reflection and an Enigma Op. 132

Two fantasies for flute and piano.

A Francis Play Op. 131

Soundtrack for  a mystery play by Carolle Lloyd.

The English Mystery (Symphony no. 20 Op. 130)

A Symphony for speaker and orchestra on texts by English 17thc writers.

More Excursions Op. 129

Musical Excursions from 2018

A Fruit for Each Moon Op. 128

A series of 12 short films which will circle Stafford with the turning year. Here is an introduction to the project.

Fancies for the Invisible College Op. 127

Twelve pieces for flute and piano, or digital orchestra.

“From the House on the Border” – Four sonatas for recorder, harpsichord and optional cello, Op. 125

River – a film with music, Op. 124

A 34 minute journey along the River Sow, from its confuence with the Trent at Shugborough, to its source at the watershed of England.

Silva – a film with music Op. 126

A short film. to “Silva”, usually meaning “wood” was used in the early middle ages to mean “matter”, the raw material of nature.

A Coronal Op. 123  – This is a set of a prelude and twelve pieces for flute and piano composed in 2017.

Symphony no. 19 “Thalia” Op. 122 (2016) 

Other music:

Music for Shugborough


Orchestral Music

Choral Music

Chamber Music

Dance and Theatre Music