Complete catalogue of Musical Works

Selected works:

Violin Sonata Op. 151

String Quartet no. 7 Op. 150

Symphony no. 36 Op. 146

Symphony no. 35 Op. 145

There is also version for piano trio here.

Symphony No. 34 Op. 142

The Garden of Philosophy Op. 140

A film exploring the characters of the modes, and gardens.

And sonatas apropos of The Garden of Philosophy:

Euterpe Sonata (orchestral) (Lydian)

Orlando Sonata (orchestral) (Phrygian)

Sonata Sacra (orchestral). (Mixolydian)

Franciscan Spring Op. 139

A film with pictures by members of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis

Fantasies for String Quartet Op. 138

These areĀ  intended as stand alone pieces but the set as whole has a story.

Meditations on Bonaventure’s Tree of Life Op. 133

Nos. 1-6

Nos. 7-12


A Francis Play Op. 131

Soundtrack forĀ  a mystery play by Carolle Lloyd.

The English Mystery (Symphony no. 33) Op. 130)

A Symphony for speaker and orchestra on texts by English 17thc writers.

More Excursions Op. 129

Musical Excursions from 2018

A Fruit for Each Moon Op. 128

A series of 12 short films which will circle Stafford with the turning year. Here is an introduction to the project.